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Dragons Love Tacos

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Link to Read Aloud:

Food Activity:

Today is a great day for Tacos! Use your family's favorite recipe for tacos. Make sure you have your kids help you prepare all of the toppings. Great jobs are shredding the cheese with a grater. If you make your own salsa, have your child put the elements in the blender (tomato, cilantro, etc.). Follow the link for a great family video of The Housely's making tacos with their kids based on this great book!


Paper Roll Fire Breathing Dragon

These fire breathing dragons are so easy to make! Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper Roll (Toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, or wrapping paper roll)

Green or Red Construction Paper

2 Medium Pom Poms

2 Small Pom Poms

2 Medium Googly Eyes

Red, Yellow and Orange Tissue Paper

Glue Stick

Glue Gun or Glue Dots

Physical Activity:

Put Out the Dragon's Fire:

What You Will Need:

Big picture of a dragon head

Empty water bottles

Orange Paper


Bean Bags(or something similar)

To play this game, draw a dragon’s head on a piece of poster board, and cut out the mouth. Paint a few empty water bottles or cans with bright orange paint. You can also tape some orange paper, cut into the shape of flames, onto the fronts of the bottles. Prop the dragon’s head up on a table and place the flame-bottles in the mouth (you may have to stand them on a shoebox or something to prop them up high enough. Have kids stand a few feet away and try to extinguish the dragon’s breath by tossing water balloons at the flames. Score one point each time a bottle is knocked off the table.

Playdough Tacos:

This link has a great recipe for making taco scented homemade playdough!


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