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How To Properly Clean Your Grill

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Summertime is here! Nothing is better then breaking out the grill for bbq gatherings, and warm summer nights outside. Grill maintenance is vital for cooking the most amazing food on the grill. We all have had those moments when we are cooking on the grill and all of sudden we have a major flare-up. Not only can this be extremely dangerous, but it's not the healthiest thing to be eating.

Experts state that grill maintenance is a must fro safety and grill durability, a regular cleaning schedule is important. You should be cleaning your grill every time you cook on it, along with deep cleaning every few months, and a major deep clean twice a year. Check out some general tips below, and also check out your grill's manual for manufacturer recommendations!

Check out this amazing video on how to clean your grill and check your propane tank:

Let's Talk About Tools. The following tools are imporant when cleaning your grill.

  1. Nexgrill Grill Brush 530-0024

This Nexgrill is one of the best grill brushes of the batch. The long handle and angled head keep your hands safely away from the heat. The wire bristles are effective at removing food, particularly from hot grates, and a small knob on the back of the cleaner head can be grasped to gain extra leverage while cleaning. You can also remove and replace the individual wire brush heads.

2. Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves - EN407 Certified 932F - Cooking Gloves for BBQ, Grilling, Baking, Extra Small Size

These gloves are great to have on hand while grilling and cleaning.

3. Nonabrasive sponge and dish soap

These two are going to be used when you do the deep cleaning of your grill.

How To Clean Your Grill:

Cleaning After Each Use:

Using your grill gloves, it is recommended to clean the grill grates when they are a little warm. Use a long-handled wire grill brush such as the Nexgrill Grill Brush 530-0024 to clean your grill grates immediately after you are done using the grill. Scrubbing up and down with the grates. Make sure you clean both sides!

Once the grill is cool, remove and empty the small grease tray under the grill. Built-up drippings can cause a grease fire. You should also brush your grill off again after preheating it for your next BBQ. It is also recommened to oil the grates using a paper towel soaked in oil before cooking.

Every Few Months:

Your grill needs a deeper cleaing every couple of months. First remove the grates and the triangular metal protectors( flavorizer bars) that sit directly over the burners. Scrape any residue with a metal spatula (or the end of your brush such as on the Nexgrill). The use a grill brush (or tooth picks) to clean the tiny holes in each burner tube. Scrape the sides and bottom of the grill box with the spatula and push debris through the hold leading to the drip pan. Cooled scraping can be composted or thrown away.

Twice a Year:

Every six months you should do all of the above cleaning treatments. After that is all complete your grill will need a good scrubbing. Brush the underside of the grill lid to remove black flakes so they don't fall in your food. Using nonabrasive sponge and warm soapy water, clean the whole exterior of the grill and firebox. Work from top to bottom, inside to outside. Make sure to get all the residual fat and grease that gets caked on the firebox. Rinse well with clean water, and your done!

Happy Grilling!


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