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Bake a Leg in 2023

Bakery Trends to Come in 2023:

"New-stalgia"- Modern-day twist on a classic treat!

"Feel-Good Food"- People like healthy options, but trends are showing that sweet treats aren't getting such a negative light. People look forward for the "feel good" moment a sweet treat can bring to their day. Bakeries that produce cookies, cakes, and other sweets will be positively impacted.

Oven Fresh- The smell of fresh baked bread and pastries draws customers in. Fresh baked bread is coming to the forefront. This includes an increase in artisan breads. Artisan bakeries are growing in popularity, which is increasing super markets, cafes, and restaurants need to produce their own fresh baked bread.

Equipment needed: Ovens, Mixers, Proofers

Baking at a Bargain- Prices continue to rise, consumers are looking for cheaper alternative to products. Baked products are relatively more affordable, which makes baked products thrive. Bakery Industry was proven profitable during the pandemic "tough times".

SPGO Globe Mixer


3 Phase

Gear Driven Bowl Guard

Bowl Dolly 3 Attachments

W: 25 1/4"

D: 30 1/2"

H: 51 1/2"

Call Us For Availability at 717-933-5419

Federal 77" Dry Display Case


Model #: SGD7742

Holds Up To (12) 18" X 26"

Shelf Lights

120 Volt

W: 77 1/8"

D: 35 3/8"

H: 42"

Call Us For Availability at 717-933-5419

Bakery Table


8' with Galvanized Under-shelf

$1,595 Assembled

$1,495 Unassembled

96" X 36" D

Call Us For Availability at 717-933-5419

Vegan Quality- According to studies, the vegan food market is expected to increase. Veganism is switching from a trend to consumer behavior. This is due to more consumer interest in vegan products, it increases the access we have to vegan options. Vegan options needs to taste just as good as regular baked goods. Make sure your bakery is equipped with mixers that can properly blend ingredients, and produce products similar to the original!


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