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Let's Get Souped Up!

January is National Soup Month! What a better time to celebrate and enjoy the warmth of a good bowl of soup! There are so many ways to enjoy soup- Let us count the ways – chunky, clear, creamy, low-fat, with a dash of spice, or naturally sweet, served hot, sometimes cold.


Throw a winter soup party Start off the menu with a soup made with winter vegetables and other farm-to-table ingredients, and end with a heavenly dessert consommé. Or the uninitiated can hit the stores and pick from an impressive selection of heat and serve soups. Whatever works!

Pay it forward If you have soup at your table, you are fortunate. Volunteer at a soup kitchen and feed the hungry.

Invent your family soup recipe Put on your chef’s hat. Ask everyone in the family to pick their favorite vegetable, meat, herb, or spice. Include them in a family recipe that you can hand down to the next generation!

Check Out These Soup Recipes


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