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Score On Super Bowl Sunday

Restaurant Super Bowl Survival Guide

Prepare for Demand & Volume

  • It's better to be over prepared than under prepared.

  • If you are traditionally slower on Sundays, you may want to increase delivery team members, kitchen staff, and serving staff, depending on what you are selling and where you expect the most orders to come through.

  • If you have popular Super Bowl foods (i.e. wings, fries, beer, nachos, etc.) you may want to double up your preparation and amount on hand.

  • Appetizers will be very popular on Super Bowl Sunday. Prepare couple extra pounds of onion rings and french fries so you don't loose money and customers.

Offer Promotional Deals

  • Increase customers ordering with all-you-can-eat deals, drink specials, or buy-one get-one bargains.

  • Offer free wings to everyone in establishment if the Super Bowl goes into overtime.

  • Touchdown shots to any customer in a jersey.

  • Get Creative!

Pick Up and Delivery

  • Many customers will opt to watch the game from home. Online ordering systems will help aid is pick up and delivery orders.

  • Pre-order offerings- offer limited pick-up slot times, encourages pre-orders and helps manage production.

  • "Game Day Package"- create food bundle packages with popular food items from your restaurant (appetizers, drinks, dessert, etc.) for multiple people (6).

Encourage Reservations

  • If you often see big crowds for Super Bowl Sunday, encourage patrons to make a reservation.

  • Offer food or drink specials for each booking, or reservations.

  • App: Eventbrite

  • For $X in advance or $c day of, customers can get access to nacho bar or drink tickets.

  • $ off for patrons to book early

  • Helps prepare for the day of prep and festivities

Run a Contest

  • There may be some slow moments or down time during the game. Try having a contest or fun games during those times.

  • Contest Ideas:

Wing eating contest, Super Bowl trivia, Super Bowl guessing game- (final score, how long it takes to sing the National Anthem, Gatorade color, etc), mascot match, commercial bingo, etc.

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