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Get The Play By Play On How Your Restaurant Can Score a Touchdown This Football Season

It's that time of year again! The opening kickoff to the regular NFL football season is September 6. Die hard football fans fill restaurants for the big game. So it's important to have you and your team ready for the rush on game day. The influx of fans can be a blessing to your business, but it's important to be prepared. Don't wait until the last minute to fumble and miss out on a rockin' season! These tips will help get you in shape before kickoff.

Be the MVP of the Local Restaurants:

  • Establish your restaurant as the local fan-favorite gathering spot. It's crucial to build a loyal customer base.

  • Get your base early during the August preseason.

Build Your Customer Base:

  • Provide alumni groups with favorite beer.

  • Discount on their tab if their team wins.

  • Create a special shot/drink that sells for $1 whenever the home team scores a touchdown. (Make the shot/drink color to match the colors of the teams playing)

  • Bring in an early preseason base by doing a raffle to give away tickets or TV's for the first few weeks.

  • Game Day Raffle- Customers get 2 raffle tickets if they buy a meal, and a ticket for each drink they buy. They have to be present for the drawing to win. Pick the winner at the end of the game.

Questions To Ask:

  • How busy is your restaurant going to be?

  • Is your inventory stocked?

  • What specials are you offering?

  • Is your staff prepared?

Crowd Size:

  • Know the time of the game.

  • Staff should be there early to prepare.

  • Customers will likely arrive for pre-game coverage, and to get a good seat.

  • Have a staff member answering the phone to make reservations, give directions, etc.

Menu Options:

  • Football fans like two things beer and food- so make sure you are stocked up!

  • Create a special for game day OR create a game day menu.

  • Most people like to go to places that have drink specials.

  • Try doing $2 domestics and then $5 domestic pitchers after half time.

  • Take a play from the other team's play book. See what makes them popular so you can give fans the best deal.

Get Your Team Ready:

  • Staff Training

  • Alcohol and food safety training

  • Special incentives- highest check average, highest number of appetizers sold, etc.

  • Have your all-stars on these busy weekends to ensure a great experience!

  • Let staff wear their favorite team jersey.

  • Have a great time!




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